Our firm – why we’re truly The Best Credit Repair

The Best Credit Repair Company

If you’re looking to repair your credit, you’ve probably encountered a lot of companies pitching their services, DIY books for sale, and even free advice. However, if you’re looking for the absolute BEST credit repair solutions you’ll find anywhere – at a surprisingly affordable fee, then look no further.

At Best Credit Repair, our only focus is helping our clients

Our top priority is ALWAYS helping the client, and what’s best for YOU drives every one of our daily decisions. In fact, we have some of the best review ratings in the entire nation, with countless testimonials from happy clients, who are enjoying life with their new and improved credit scores. But we only know that when we pledge a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and start repairing their credit, we want to make them proud!

Results that are best-in-the-business

Best Credit Repair is a top-ranked, industry-leading credit repair agency, offering effective solutions for millions of Americans that are suffering through bad credit and hard financial times. We work for YOU – not the credit bureaus, reporting agencies, or your lenders. In fact, our only goal is helping to maximize your credit score, and our award-winning combination of experience, knowledge, hard work, and glowing customer service is just the formula you need for the highest possible credit score.

We don’t get paid until the work is done

While other credit repair outfits want huge sums of money from you up-front, Best Credit Repair only earns its fee after services are performed. You only pay after we do the work, which is how it should be. We always offer a risk free consultation to review your situation and offer advice, so you have no risk in working with us and can proceed with confidence.

 We save you time…because time IS money

You’re busy at work, at home, and on the go, and we understand that. So, we’ve designed the Best Credit Repair signature credit repair process to be ultra-efficient, improving your score as much as possible while also saving you a whole lot of time. You won’t be stuck on hold on the phone with creditors, reading through stacks of letters from your credit bureaus, or wasting time trying to get an answer to your important question. We’ll do all of the hard work – and save you time!

Customized solutions that fit your needs

We’ll never plug you into one-size-fits-all products or lump you in with every other client. Instead, Best Credit Repair stands out by offering customized, highly-effective credit repair solutions for EACH and EVERY client. We understand that your credit history and financial situation is unique, and deserves individual attention, so our experienced credit counselors will work one-on-one with you to devise the best plan of action.

On-point communication

With Best Credit Repair, clients can always track your credit repair progress online with designated client portal. But each of our clients are also paired with one of our professional, dedicated credit case managers, who are always available to answer questions and offer advice. Contact us by phone, email, or even feel free to walk in our office and say hello – but you’ll never want for communication as we work hard to repair your credit.

 We roll up our sleeves for you

A good barometer when shopping credit repair firms is the number of client files they assign to each employee, or files per desk.
Other credit repair companies assign a ridiculous number of clients to each employee – sometimes up to 1,000 files per desk! With that volume, there’s no way they can do a thorough job and give each client the attention they deserve. But at Best Credit Repair, we make sure that each of our dedicated and experienced credit counselors have a maximum of 150 files to work at any given month, a very comfortable number.

The best credit advisors in the industry

We’ve sought out and hired the most professional, experienced, and dedicated staff in the industry – and they are the ones that truly make us the Best Credit Repair company. We also offer them state-of-the-art training and resources, while also creating a culture of integrity, with the highest professional standards. We invest in our people because they are the ones who work so hard to improve your credit!

We dispute negative items with all three credit bureaus

We leave no stone unturned on our mission to bring you the best credit score, so we’ll dispute every incomplete, outdated, misleading and misreported item with all three of the major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

The highest legal and ethical standards

Best Credit Repair operates by the highest legal and ethical standards. We work in compliance with all state and federal laws and credit reporting statutes. We also stay ahead of any new regulations or changes in the industry that could potentially help you – our client.

The proof is in the Best Credit Repair results!

Of course, every client and situation is different, but our average client sees their credit score increase by about 15 points per month. In fact, our track record for score increases within the first 35 days include:

10 points or more 93%

20 points or more 71%

50 points or more 20%

100 points or more 10

And our score improvements within 90 days are even better:

10 points or more 97%

20 points or more 82%

50 points or more 35%

100 points or more 20%

Get started with a risk-free consultation

We’d love to start working to increase your credit scores immediately. But first, we want to look at your credit report and talk to you about your situation, goals, and what an improved credit score will mean to your finances and your family. For that reason, we offer a free initial consultation. Contact us at 877 577 7496 or contact@bluewatercredit.com to get started today!