How It Works

How will Best Credit Repair work to help you?

There are certain laws, statutes, and regulations in place to protect consumers. These laws also create a protocol that credit reporting agencies, credit bureaus, and even lenders need to follow.

Best Credit Repair’s services operate by holding these credit bureaus and parties accountable to these laws, using our extensive experience and industry know-how to get negative and incorrect items deleted from your credit file.

The Best Credit Repair process:

Risk Free consultation

Before Best Credit Repair can take you on as client, we’ll want to talk with you, getting to know the details of your situation, challenges, and also your financial goals. During this risk free consultation, we’ll also go over your credit report in detail and answer your important questions.

Case intake

Congratulations for choosing to work with Best Credit Repair! To begin, we’ll need you to get a copy of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. We’ll carefully go over them, highlighting problem areas – which are really just opportunities to improve your credit and boost your score!

Dispute process

You’ll be assigned a dedicated case manager, who is your point-person for communication and the professional who will be working tirelessly on you credit file. One by one, we’ll register official disputes with each of the credit bureaus on your behalf for the negative items we’ve highlighted. As they respond per the legal consumer protection protocol, we’ll review their correspondence, and continue with your comprehensive credit repair strategy.

Analysis of your credit file

At any given time, you’ll be able to log in to our signature client portal and check the status of your credit file, tracking our progress with the credit bureaus. Your Best Credit Repair dedicated case manager will also give you regular updates on our results, and with our industry-leading customer service, you are always welcome to call, email, or even come into our offices for help.

Strategic persistence

Unlike other credit repair services that do the minimum required to get paid, we won’t rest until you see the credit score improvements you deserve. So, part of the Best Credit Repair signature process is continued and persistent follow-up with the credit bureaus, re-submitting disputes and escalating the case until it’s satisfied to completion.

Ongoing education and help

Best Credit Repair is eager to earn your trust and guide you through the credit repair process, but our work doesn’t stop there. We also are focused on helping you achieve a brighter financial future with ongoing education, recourses, and tools to make sure that your new and improved credit score stays great!