Why is credit repair important?
Just about everything is tied to your credit score these days, from the rates and payments you make on credit cards, auto loans, and other loans, to insurance, utilities, cell phone accounts, and even renting a home. Therefore, you can’t afford NOT to have a good credit score if you want to save money and finally break free of financial struggles.

When should I expect to see results?
Of course, you want to know when you’ll start seeing results as we work to repair your credit. Each case is a little different, and a lot of the answer depends on the timelines and responses of your individual creditors. But the vast majority of our customers see significant results within a few months or even less. In fact, our average client sees 5.9 of their negative items removed from their credit report in just 90 days!

Can you try to repair your own credit?
Yes. Anyone can work to improve their credit, including disputing items with the credit bureaus. However, there is no benefit to just “trying,” and most consumers don’t have the time, knowledge, experience, or resources to see it through to the end. Therefore, Best Credit Repair is still the #1 option for consumers who want to see a significant credit score increase.

What can be done if all of the negative items on my credit are accurate?
Some clients are facing a credit history filled with late payments, collections, and other blemishes. They’re ready to get started with Best Credit Repair to rebuild and improve their score but are worried since all of those negative items are accurate!

Fear not, as there are still plenty of opportunities to leverage consumer protection and credit laws, amending your credit report and improving your score. In fact, lenders and credit reporting agencies have to follow the same guidelines and laws whether items we dispute are accurate or not. If we look at your credit report during our risk free initial consultation and deem that we won’t be able to help you, we’ll be the first ones to tell you that.

I’m currently going through a bankruptcy. Can you still help me?
It will depend on what bankruptcy you are filing. If you are filing a Chapter 7 and the discharge date is in the next 30 days you are a good candidate for starting credit repair. If you are filing a chapter 13 it normally is best to begin credit repair after the bankruptcy is completed. Bankruptcy delivers a huge hit to your credit, but when you’re drowning in debt and bills, your credit score is the last thing you’re thinking of. But when you have the Best Credit Repair team of professionals on your side, we’ll ensure that everything is listed and reports correctly on your credit, as well as is removed according to legal timelines. Bankruptcy is hard enough, so let Best Credit Repair help clean up the mess it leaves behind!

How long will a negative item stay on my credit report?
Most negatively reported items, like late payments and collections, stay on your credit report for at least seven years. But others, like some bankruptcies and more, can remain on a credit score for ten years, and IRS liens or judgments may appear on your credit report indefinitely or until satisfied. But there are ways to leverage existing laws and consumer protection statutes to attempt and get negative items erased from your credit, which is what we do.

If I have bad credit, can I still get a loan?
It may prove difficult to get approved for a loan with bad credit. However, even if a mortgage lender, credit card, or other lender grants you a loan with sub-prime credit, your interest rates will most likely be higher, with additional fees and terms that are less than optimal. In fact, “bad” loans often set people back financially, trapping them in a vicious cycle of high payments and more debt.

-Does it really make sense to repair my credit?
Your credit score is far from just an obscure number on a few pieces of paper – it actually dictates what you’ll pay, how much, and to whom in many aspects of your life. Of course, we know that your credit card interest rates will be higher if you have a bad credit score, but you’ll also end up spending more on insurance (depending on the state you live in), auto loans, a mortgage or rent, and even can dictate what kind of job you’re hired for.

Add it all up, and even a little monthly saving goes a long way over time, and by repairing your credit to the point where you have an above-average or even great score, you’ll start saving immediately – and for as long as you maintain it. With that in mind, the financial rewards are huge when you sign up with Best Credit Repair.

What do Best Credit Repair services cost?
With the huge upside of saving money in so many ways with an improved credit score, our services are surprisingly affordable. In fact, our clients think that we’re a fantastic bargain once they see the results. Our basic packages start at just $129.50 per month – a little more than $4 a day – and our most comprehensive service package is only $199 per month. Most online credit repair companies will only work on a few of your accounts each month. Best Credit Repair will work on every one of your accounts to get you results the fastest, you’ll soon agree that Best Credit Repair is truly the most cost-effective credit repair firm in the country!

Once I sign up, how can I communicate with Best Credit Repair?
We pride ourselves on great communication and service, and our clients always can easily get ahold of us to check in on the great progress we’ve made, discuss their file, or ask any questions. You’ll be assigned a personal Best Credit Repair case manager, who will be hands-on with your credit bureaus and know every detail of your file. So, at any time, you’re free to call or email them directly, or even come into our office and say hi if you’re in the area!

Where is the Best Credit Repair headquarters located?
Of course, we help thousands of consumers in every state, all across the country. But our main office is located at 300 Harding Boulevard in Roseville, California, which is in the Sacramento region. Our doors are always open to our clients and friends!

What are your hours of operation (and when can I speak to a Best Credit Repair counselor?)
While you can email or Facebook message us any time for an expedited response, we understand that sometimes, it’s nice to talk to someone on the phone – especially with important questions about your credit. Therefore, the Best Credit Repair staff and credit counselors all make themselves available for your phone calls.

To speak to someone directly, just call 916-315-9190 between the office hours of Monday and Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

You can also call after business hours or on weekends and leave a message for us, and we’ll get back to you A